I Need It Inside Me (2022)


I Need It Inside Me (2022)

It's crazy to think you can get someone to fuck their best friend on camera, but that's exactly what we did. And not a regular fuck, but one that made these guys say, "I need this inside me right now." Axell and Roy said they were best friends and had always wondered what it was like to fuck. We gave them a chance to find out. Alessio plays with his cock while Jackson quickly gets down on his knees. Then Alessio gets inside Jackson, fucks him, fucks him until he loses his pulse from the little slut, then unloads and mounts his sweet, hairy ass. You never know what to expect from some people. Guys you thought you knew can roll over without warning. That's what happened when Ducky told us he wanted to be the bottom for a good cock. River walks in. Hans knows how to use his fat uncircumcised piece of meat. However, when it comes to fucking, Hans is partial to dark-skinned men and big dicks. And wait till you see Saul pulling his big uncircumcised monster out of Hans' just-fucked asshole. Drool.

Starring: Jackson
Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 3.67 GB


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