Except that as his hands

Except that as his hands

Actors: Reece Andrews and Will Simon
Categories: Gay
Length: 24 min
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Size: 452 mb

Will Simon patiently awaits his massage in a quiet, comfortable room when Reece Andrews walks in. The adorable blonde pup immediately sets out to give his slender, tattooed client a serious working over . Except that as his hands, slippery with oil, travel up and down Will’s back, the twink starts moaning. This arouses Reece and he gets more daring, working the glutes, massaging his thighs, then flipping him over. When Will removes his shorts, he reveals a huge fat dick Reece just can’t resist. He starts massaging Will’s cock, stroking it to get him fully hard then sucking it before making out. It’s an intimate encounter of the sexiest kind, one which requires twink and muscled young hunk to take off all their clothes in order to bond better. Reece proceeds to massage Will’s sweet and pretty ass, working his hole before sliding cock raw inside the willing tattooed bottom to fuck him bareback. Will gets an intense prostate massage, fucked bareback then impaling himself on his hunky masseuse who sprays quite a hefty load before taking Will’s sweet jizz on his tongue.

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