Damian gives Connor a facial

Damian gives Connor a facial

Actors: Damian Dickey and Connor Levi
Categories: Gay
Length: 28 min
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Size: 792 mb

High up in the mountains, Damian Dickey awaits a slender twink he’s hired. When Connor Levi arrives and knocks at the door, Damian comes, naked except for a jockstrap and harness, fully hard . It’s clearly a case of mistaken identify but Connor certainly doesn’t mind as he drops to his knees almost immediately and starts sucking Damien’s big cock, slurping on his balls for good measure. Damien then returns the oral favor, slobbering on Connor’s fat twink shaft before turning him around and teasing Connor’s hole. Knowing he can’t work his dick into Connor without at least a little bit of spit for lube, Damian rims the puckered entrance, priming Connor with just enough spit. Working his cock inside the pretty twink, Damian takes Connor’s ass, pumping him raw and bareback fucking his sweet, tight hole over a beautiful view of the valley. After a while, Damian pulls out and sits on a bench. There, Connor rides Damian until they’re both ready to let loose with some hot semen. Damian gives Connor a facial, spraying seed which Connor laps up and he’s so turned on by the scenario that he comes as he’s eating Damian’s load.


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