Bruno Galvez Tops Leo Bacchus

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Bruno Galvez Tops Leo Bacchus

Bruno Galvez is a hulking hunk of a man, and best of all, he is all top. Bruno loves another guy who is more than comfortable being on the bottom and taking dick as his pleasure. Speaking of that, Leo Bacchus has only been in a couple Lucas Entertainment scenes so far, but he has made himself known and has already built a reputation by being a muscular jock who knows how to take dick. That is perfect for Bruno Galvez, because he likes his bottoms to be manly on the streets and pussy bitch bottoms in the sheets. First Bruno and Leo talk during a bareback auditions before the action starts. When they start their passionate encounter, they are feeling each others bodies and admiring one another’s muscles. But soon it’s the hard dick of Bruno Galvez that requires the most attention, and Leo Bacchus is on it!

Starring: Bruno Galvez, Leo Bacchus
Duration: 0:40:21 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 2.37 GB


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