Sir Peter And Rudy Gram Double-Team Zayd Andres

Sir Peter And Rudy Gram Double-Team Zayd Andres

Whenever the Lucas Men are in the presence of Sir Peter, they all have to take a number. That’s because everybody wants a chance to service his dick, which is already legendary, even by gay porn standards. Have you seen that thing in action? His huge and uncut, and when Peter is hard, he could break down a door with his member. You don’t have to tell Zayd Andres twice: as a new face among the Lucas Men, Zayd not only gets the opportunity to be with Sir Peter, but also Rudy Gram. Sir Peter and Rudy first introduced Zayd during a Bareback Auditions interview. But once that is over, it is time for Zayd Andres to get to work. When his mouth is full servicing one cock, his pussy hole is being filled up from behind. And Sir Peter can get in him so deep he can feel it in his stomach!

Starring: Rudy Gram, Sir Peter, Zayd Andres
Duration: 0:31:21 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1.87 GB


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