Harold Lopez Pumps Brian Bonds In The Ass

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Harold Lopez Pumps Brian Bonds In The Ass

Brian Bonds is an ash-blond hunk with fair skin and a muscular physique. You can always count on him hitting the gym during the day. And then during the night he’s on all fours in the bedroom ready to suck did and get banged in the ass! Harold Lopez also is no stranger at the gym, and his incredible body is proof—check out the hard round pecs and his thick and defined six-pack abs. He feels an incredible attraction to Brian Bonds and the two quickly hit it off. Both Brian and Harold first get together for a traditional Bareback Auditions interview before fucking. Harold has a big erection that’s always ready to go, and when Brian gets a look at it his mouth starts watering and his hole starts quivering

Starring: Brian Bonds, Harold Lopez
Duration: 0:33:21 Resolution: 1920x1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1.97 GB


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